Ijmal Al-Hakmaih – Al Wajeha Project

Developer Partner

The first project on private lands under PPP with ministry of housing


Al Wajeha project is located in Dammam city on Riyadh Road and partnering with the Ministry of Housing. The project consists of a total land area of 185,734 sqm and the project consists of 590 separate villas. The land area of the villas ranges from 250 to 550 sqm. The project includes two type of villas with a Livable area of 250 sqm and 300 sqm. The project targets beneficiaries of the Ministry of Housing. The infrastructure of the project is equipped with streets, sidewalks, lighting, water and electricity and sanitation. The project is characterized by proximity to the city of Khobar and Jubail.

AL-Wajeha on Google map

The Minister of Housing ,Majed bin Abdullah Al-Hogail visiting  

Al-Wajeha project 

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